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Tibetans in London honor the Kalon Tripa’s call.



To stand in solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.    

Following a call from the Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay (Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration), world wide vigils were organised showing solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet who continue to suffer under the oppressive Chinese regime.  In London the vigil was held outside the Chinese Embassy. From 1600 hours to 1930 hours.

Thubten Samdup lak, Representative of  UK and Northern Europe addressed gathering with pugnacious words, asserting the reason behind the global vigil. Thubten Samdup lak also stressed on the need to pressurise the world leaders in order to garner greater support for the Tibetan cause and to make nations strongly condemn China’s recent crackdown in Tibet.The vigil started with prayers by tibetan monks for the the lost lives .a sense of mourning and sadness was felt.

A group of Syrian people in London also joined the vigil along with the Tibetan people to show their solidarity  and stand up for their country peaceful protestors, who continue to campaign for their human rights in the face of brutal govt repression.. The vigil was attended by more than 150 tibetans and their supporters…tibetan dresses were worn by tibetans..

The vigil was organised by various Tibet support groups in the United Kingdom, including Tibetan Youth Congress, UK, Tibet Society and Students For A Free Tibet UK,and  Tibetan Community in Britain.





Jamphel Lhamo, Editor- The Arachneed-Tibet


Jamphel Lhamo is a  passionate,free willing Tibetan student of Business Management. She is also a trained Nurse. The Arachneed is proud to have her as our esteemed editor for our Tibet page. She can be contacted at

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