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Shocked as Unusual

I started my life practically in the midst of a civil war, grew up in a country fighting for independence and in another struggling to end a right-wing fascist regime. Then came my post war dream, the countless times of far too many trips into an African continent in permanent strife, fighting dictators and establishing new dictators, civil unrest and countless sleepless nights and tales of horror.

But nothing prepared me for the sight of Breivik on Television, reading his twenty page manifesto of how he perceives his cowardly act to be heroic and in defence of the people of Norway against Multiculturalism.He condemns Marxist dictatorships yet acts swiftly without consent of the people to slaughter innocent children. This is not a crime against Norway and its people, this is a crime against humanity and this man should be tried in The Hague as many dictators have been, he should be tried by the International community like his Nazi forefathers before him were and sentenced to death as they were.

We are a multicultural world; we all use each other´s specialities and good products and food etc to create a better life for each of us. There is no longer a place for people who so narrowly believe in one single culture, least of all in his words, “the white way of life “. He is not representative of any way of life but more a destroyer of life, who chose a cowardly bomb to murder people in Oslo and a group of unharmed children to play sniper with. He is not a soldier who fought the Police till his last bullet, he chose the cowards exit of surrender when he knew the odds were not defenceless children but armed policemen.

He cries at the viewing of his manifesto, a racist document based on 1000 year old principles that we not even sure really existed and a doomed Nazi style propaganda of probably the most evil and inhumane system the world has ever seen. He smirks at his CCTV pictures of his bomb and the ruthless murder of diesels children.As an ex-soldier I am disgusted that he believes himself you are one he, should he have wanted to be one there are many wars in the world he could have voluntarily enlisted to see how he would have fared against real soldiers, had he done that I probably would not be writing this blog.

A judge was dismissed for saying that the only fair result in this trial was the death sentence and I fully concur with him. Breivik should be judged for crimes against humanity and the death sentence which I normally do not support is a very small price to pay, unfortunately we cannot kill a man 77 times to make him feel what it like to be on the defenceless side of death.I respect the good people of Norway for their courage and bravery and for being far more human than I am in giving this monster a fair trial and allowing him to speak even though the evidence against him is insurmountable.

This should be a lesson to every single one of us, racism and religious fanatics’ leads to the creation of people like Breivik and it´s up to every single one of us to respect each other and tolerate each other regardless of our differences in culture, creed or colour.

Rui Santos

Rui Santos Born in Portuguese Angola and raised in South African Namibia. Educated in the RSA and have lived in Angola, RSA, DRC ,Portugal & UK .Now reside in London the Cosmopolitan capital of the world. In short a orphan of an empire and a citizen of the world. [Sic]

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