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Jamphel Lhamo..the resolute warrior..

On April 17th.. The Arachneed edit team was up an running at around 1 am in the night when our esteemed Tibet Page editor Jamphel Lhamo updated her status update on Facebook, asking people to gather opposite the Chinese Embassy in London.

Jamphel Lhamo..during one of the recent protest in London.

The Arachneed was on its sleeves to spread the word and help propagate the message loud and clear.

Not an activist but rather Jamphel is  just a free willin student in London and she happens to be the editor of the Tibet Page on The Arachneed.

Jamphel stands as an inspiration for youth across the globe who strive to stand up for change and for a better tomorrow. She also the admin on very popular group called I WANT TO SEE MY COUNTRY TIBET BEFORE I DIE

Her dedication and commitment to the cause also proves that the movement itself has reached a level where activism for the Tibetans is a way life or is a part of their daily life and all it takes to stand up for the cause is the zeal to take a stand.

As part of The Arachneed she has also spent long hours with the team, deliberating on how the publication can do more to support the cause.

Raising the Voice..Making it Heard!


This is ‘The Arachneed’s‘ tribute to her. In Solidarity..with the hope that many more individuals in their own walks of life shall seek inspiration and continue to struggle for Tibet’s Jamphel has proved..all it takes is the zeal to strive..and nothing much :)


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