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Riccardo Grameggna on The Arachneed

Riccardo Gramegna


To all the friends of the Arachneed, Namascar…

My name is Riccardo Gramegna, I am from Valsesia, a European Community, and I am glad to be with you on this day to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day.

It is a special day for all who have something to say and want to reaffirm the right to freely express and share their thoughts and ideas as we all do on the Arachneed and on the free blogs and other online magazines on the web.

The time when political and economic powers were able to stop, gag and condition the free voices on the media is over. Their power is crumbling under the heavy weight of the scandals of their corrupt behaviours…

So, feel free to write, feel free to say, feel free to share your ideas as we do on the Arachneed… a fresh, sincere, committed online magazine that is glowing bright within the darkness of the mass media manipulating traditional system.

Freedom is not to ask, but to practice, with courage and sincerity in our day to day activities…

Jai Jagat!


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