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Unwritten Letter

i wanted to write a love letter,
it will be the first but also the last,
i had to get special paper,
to write my love letter for you.
the paper seller did not have paper,
no,not fit for the class of my love,
the paper maker could not get material,
no,not good enough for the one i love.
i walked to the nearest river,
but i could not find papyrus reeds,
to make the desired paper,
for my beloved.
i crossed a thousand rivers,
waded in leech infested swamps,
traveled across the Sahara,
to find the treasured reed for my love.
i sat at the foot of the Giza pyramid,
and the chopped the papyrus for you,
and sat for nights on end,
soaking and watching the reeds for my love.
i pounded with care,
i pounded with love,
i pounded for my love,
and added a drop of my tear,
days on end i watched my paper dry,
watching that not even a fly,
should come and cause a blemish,
on the paper for the one i cherish.
and wen i was done,
words i had none,
so i wrote not,
it would all have come to nought.
Wanasawa Christabel is a poetess from Kenya. She is also associated as an anchor with African Gospel Church, Kitale.

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