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TheArachneed » Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 1

the image proves that he still remains invisible.

the image proves that he still remains invisible.


1) An inside view on a city of a million dreams and as many nightmares

What really gives Mumbai its unique flavor is that it is nothing short of ruthless. You could fall right off a train and get run over by the next one. Unless you’re travelling with someone you know, in all probability, no one will even bother to look back. This place can intimidate the living daylights out of anyone. Every time I walked on the bridge at Andheri station, I’d realize how insignificant I (or anyone) as an individual was to the city. There were just so many people. I was so easily replaceable.




Spirit Worship2)  The Spirit Worship in Myanmar-Wai Yan Phone

During their lifetimes the two brothers were favoured knights of King Anawrahta, until they failed to complete their task of contributing a brick each to the construction of a pagoda near Taungbyone – a project to which everyone in the region was expected to contribute. The king ordered that the two be punished, and without asking what sort of punishment, the king’s followers drowned the brothers to death. Anawrahta, regretting the severity of the punishment, granted the bothers, who had become nats, dominion over Taungbyone. Because the brothers were Muslims, to this day their followers abstain from eating pork.





3) “ Yaathum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir” – no matter the place, all people are the same-Yogambikai Vijaykumar

With the passage of time, Indians became a part of Malaya’s population and moved out of the estates, integrating with the larger Malay society. Tamil schools were established to cater to the needs of the Tamils here, however only primary schools were built. For higher education, the Indians here have to depend on the government schools which are either Malay medium or English medium.



photograph not published for political reasons.

photograph not published for political reasons.


4) Verses From Burma- Wai Yan Phone

Couldn’t notice or prevent

Something you left in my heart.

Is that so called attachment?

 Rush out to gate when dogs bark,Wishing my guest in the dark. Found none but my broken heart.





5) My Carribean- Sigrid Mohammed

From the Lesser Antilles to the Greater, this exquisite chain of islands has had mystified travelers for centuries. Holding treasures that man could not have comprehended or begin to fathom and a history that lives coursing through the veins of each individual. We a people with once no identity, shattered hopes and dreams of a better livelihood, and victims to mans illusion of ultimate power, encompasses what is known today as the Caribbean, the West Indies.



6) Reiki:  a laying on of hands and more- Deirdre (Dee) Savoy

Reiki Kanji - VerticalAt its simplest level, Reiki is a laying on of hands approach to relaxation and stress reduction.  During a reiki treatment, the client lies on a massage table, a bed or the floor, while the practitioner uses various hand positions on the body to stimulate relaxation and feelings of well being.   Many clients become so relaxed they fall asleep or enter a state where their body is quiet and their mind is quite active.  Either way, the warmth of the practitioners touch and the absence of stress boosts the client’s ability to heal.







7)  Africa’s Unsolved Problems-Stephen Nyamuzinga

Africa presents a paradox. Recent positive changes in Africa have brought hope for an African renaissance, evidenced by impressive real growth rates in some countries. Examples of recent positive developments include the end of the civil war and a turn-around in economic development in Mozambique, the promise of a democratically elected government in Nigeria after a long period of military rule, and growing regional cooperation and integration of African economies. On the other hand, there are still major issues threatening this African renaissance. Internal and border conflicts in several countries and regions, heavy debt burdens, and low levels of private investment are still issues of major concern. What must be done to unlock Africa’s potential and put it on an irreversible path of economic development? Read More..





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