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"Peace resides within you.  It begins with you"

“Peace resides within you. It begins with you”


1) GURU by Kay Salady

Many people are searching for significance.  They do not quite understand life’s meaning or their purpose for being here.  Quite frequently, in their search, they feel a sense of loss and emptiness.  In order to fill this void, they look outside themselves for ways to satisfy their inner hunger. Humankind has long suffered with illness as a result from gluttony.   This gluttony, or greed, is a direct result from their need to fill themselves with things ranging from food, drugs, alcohol, intimacy, possessions, gambling, perfectionism, exercise, religion, risky behavior, etc. The end consequence of creating such an imbalance in their lives has created a society of very unhappy people – people who are searching for something beyond themselves, something beyond all the things they have attempted to fill themselves with that did not …





2) “My Heart Rests In India” by Mia Miata “The Neo-Soul Nina Simone”

Looking at me, your first impression would be that I am a African American Black woman. Yes, you are in fact, exact and correct. My ancestors are from Africa, the Mother Continent, the cradle of civilization and humanity. I come from a long, rich legacy of queens, kings, artist, musicians, scientist, healers, astrologers, merchants, builders and planners. I also know that the sub-continent of India was once part of the larger super continent known as, Pangea. India was connected to what is know known as present day South Africa. During the continental shift, the continents drifted apart and the sub-continent of India pushed up into it’s current landscape, forming the Himalayan mountains, home to the world’s highest peaks. So, my ancestors are in fact your ancestors, and the commonality of …


Elio DI Rupo, Prime Minister, Belgium

Elio DI Rupo, Prime Minister, Belgium

3) Belgian Tibet supporters ask their Prime Minister to keep human rights central in the foreign policy by Dennis Barbion

 On the 2nd February 2012, the new Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo held a press conference at the end of the diplomatic contact days, an annual meeting with all the Belgian ambassadors and ministers. The head of the Belgian government stated: “the fundamental principle of human rights is the key point in the foreign policy, along with the strengthening of democratic institutions, the rule of law, a good management, and respect for the rights of everyone, from the majority but also of the minority.”   In October 2011, the Belgian Tibet supporters Dennis Barbion and Ilse Keysabyl have written a letter already to the Prince of Belgium Philippe, in connection with the human rights violations in Tibet and China. The Belgian Prince had just finished a huge trade mission to China then.   A …



432066_10150538655512582_186907482581_8963491_572622792_n4) Tibetans in London honor the Kalon Tripa’s call.– by Jamphel Lhamo

To stand in solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.     Following a call from the Kalon Tripa Dr Lobsang Sangay (Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration), world wide vigils were organised showing solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet who continue to suffer under the oppressive Chinese regime.  In London the vigil was held outside the Chinese Embassy. From 1600 hours to 1930 hours. Thubten Samdup lak, Representative of  UK and Northern Europe addressed gathering with pugnacious words, asserting the reason behind the global vigil. Thubten Samdup lak also stressed on the need to pressurise the world leaders in order to garner greater support for the Tibetan cause and to make nations strongly condemn China’s recent crackdown in Tibet.The vigil started with prayers by tibetan monks for the the lost lives .a sense of mourning and sadness was felt. A … 


34772_442468648618_671683618_5867585_5931733_n5) Compassion – A Western Buddhist’s diary.. by Anne Meijers 

When we are walking on the street and look around us, what do we see ? People being busy with their own thoughts, being busy with their own lives, perhaps small groups of friends or family that have gathered together. That’s how I experience living in a Western society, when it comes to being in public spaces, we are living in our own bubble, where sometimes a bit of air comes flowing through. As that is where I live, so I can’t speak for other parts of the world. There is a lot of freedom here in Denmark compared to some countries, which I am very grateful for, yet there is something missing. A sense to not just be worried about our image and ego; how we look, what kind of car we drive, what clothes …



At request of Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the Tibetan Prime Minister in exile, there have been mass solidarity vigils for Tibet worldwide on 8th February 2012, to commemorate the victims who died in Tibet because of the harsh oppression by the Chinese government, and the Tibetans who self-immolated. Since March 2011, 21 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in East Tibet, 8 since 6th January 2012. A new wave of protests broke out in Tibet last month, with demonstrators calling for freedom in Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama. Chinese security forces have responded to these peaceful protests by opening fire on demonstrators, killing at least 5 Tibetans and seriously injuring many more. These protests are a cry to the outside world for help. All those who have self-immolated … 


arachastralprojection7) The Ability to Project into the Third-Dimensions, and Beyond.- Shahrokh Sharifrazi

Humans, in our continuous quest to live and breed in present society, have only been able to ‘tap-in’ to our ‘ two-dimensional’ realities; we can move ‘back- and- forth’, and ‘left-and-right’; we are unable to move ‘up-and-down’ so to speak, and so we are stuck in a permanent state of ‘two-dimensions’. Our ‘Consumerist’ society is the main culprit. It is responsible for making us into virtual ‘Zombies’, unable to tap into our ‘spiritual’ realm. Spiritual nourishment is “absolutely essential” for our well-being. If we are not nourished, spiritually, we pay the price. Examples: Vanity, Jealousy, Insecurity, False pride, and buying ‘In excess’ to give ourselves a ‘false sense of happiness’, and so on. We have become ‘mechanical machines’: living, eating, procreating, and socializing. Once we learn how to be ‘emancipated’ from our present condition, we 







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