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TheArachneed » VOLUME 2- ISSUE 6


bb11) Shocked as Unusual by Rui Santos

I started my life practically in the midst of a civil war, grew up in a country fighting for independence and in another struggling to end a right-wing fascist regime. Then came my post war dream, the countless times of far too many trips into an African continent in permanent strife, fighting dictators and establishing new dictators, civil unrest and countless sleepless nights and tales of horror. But nothing prepared me for the sight of Breivik on Television, reading his twenty page manifesto of how he perceives his cowardly act to be heroic and in defence of the people of Norway against Multiculturalism.He condemns Marxist dictatorships yet acts swiftly without consent of the people to slaughter innocent children. This is not a crime against Norway and its people, this is a …


2) MY BLOSSOM- by Ina Ekasari

I paint you on the canvas
Your sweet smile is my pride
The moon says
My love is like heaven’s coffee
My love became my soul addiction
My heart trembles


The members of "The Naga Blog" and "Nagaland.Open.Online.Barter or Sell(N.O.O.B.S.)" initiated SIKKIM EARTHQUAKE RELIEF - NAGAS CARE drive from 26th to 30th September where an amount of Rs. 159455/- was collected which was handed over to Baichung Bhutia by Kevin Yepthomi and Peter Rutsa.

3) With Love, to the world! ‘Walk the Talk’ Lessons the World can learn from ‘The Naga Blog’. by Yan Fo Kikon

“Oh Yea…. All our campaigns are organized, planned out and implemented online…Strictly cyber activism”, writes Yan Fo Kikon. Planned online, made real! Meet the new face of activism. Social networking can be this powerful! Talk about Egyptian and Tunisian cyber activism that launched revolutions? In a corner of India, there is a similar revolution happening in Nagaland. Cyber activism with a non-violent face; deeds of love and compassion extended to those in need! The Naga Blog (TNB), a popular platform for facebooking Nagas (as well as esteemed non-Nagas participants), stands out from any other group. It is not all about debates and discussions concerning every issue under the heavens that gives TNB this virtue. It is the humane gestures members of this group have initiated during hours of need when …


Jamphel Lhamo..during one of the recent protest in London.

Jamphel Lhamo..during one of the recent protest in London.


4) Jamphel Lhamo..the resolute warrior.. by The Arachneed Team

On April 17th.. The Arachneed edit team was up an running at around 1 am in the night when our esteemed Tibet Page editor Jamphel Lhamo updated her status update on Facebook, asking people to gather opposite the Chinese Embassy in London. The Arachneed was on its sleeves to spread the word and help propagate the message loud and clear. Not an activist but rather Jamphel is  just a free willin student in London and she happens to be the editor of the Tibet Page on The Arachneed. Jamphel stands as an inspiration for youth across the globe who strive to stand up for change and for a better tomorrow. She also the admin on very popular group called I WANT TO SEE MY COUNTRY TIBET BEFORE I DIE Her dedication and …



5) The Arachneed on World Press Freedom Day 2012 

The Arachneeed stands In Solidarity with idea of Freedom of Press and thus commemorating The World Press Freedom Day 2012 on May 3rd. We thank our readers for their constant support and i would like to thank everyone on The Arachneed, and the team members Lyliana Chiew, Jamphel Lhamo and our adviser Temjen Wabang for their constand support and dedication. Signing off Arnav Anjaria. As a Mother, I decided early on to permit my children to freely express themselves. I was extremely strict as far as their education went. However, they were always permitted to say whatever was on their minds. Thus, freedom of expression was born in my family.   As a writer and an individual concerned with the equality of all living creatures, I fully realize the necessity to defend the media in …


6) Ndecham Clifford on World Press Freedom Day 

GRATITUDE TO THE ARACHNEED ON WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY MAY 3RD 2012 FROM THE EDUCATION 4 DEVELOPMENT (E4D) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its article 19 brings out the freedom of expression and states that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. The Arachneed has been doing a great job when it comes to promoting this right. The Arachneed came into partnership with the Education 4 Development since 2010 and has worked relentlessly towards seeing that information is well circulated in the world. They do their best to ensure that the right and necessary information is always delivered. This group of young media …


letter-writing7) Unwritten Letter by Wanasawa Christabe

i wanted to write a love letter, it will be the first but also the last, i had to get special paper, to write my love letter for you. the paper seller did not have paper, no,not fit for the class of my love, the paper maker could not get material, no,not good enough for the one i love. i walked to the nearest river, but i could not find papyrus reeds, to make the desired paper, for my beloved. i crossed a thousand rivers, waded in leech infested swamps, traveled across the Sahara, to find the treasured reed for my love. i sat at the foot of the Giza pyramid, and the chopped the papyrus for you, and sat for nights on end, soaking and watching the reeds for my love. i pounded with care, i pounded with love, i pounded for my love, and added a drop of my tear, days on … 

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