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TheArachneed » VOLUME 2 – ISSUE 6


secularimage1) Secularism by Aabha Sharma

I would firstly, like to say that I do realise that the things I am saying may not be agreed upon by a large number of people. I do not have an issue with that, however if my writing has in any manner hurt the sentiments of those reading it, I apologise, that was not my intention. Furthermore, if you feel that this is highly inappropriate, feel free to dismiss it as the ramblings of a 20 year old. I would like to acknowledge the book Religion in India by T N Madan which inspired me to write this article. We have as people of India, solemnly resolved to constitute India into a secular republic, among many other things. This comes not from me, but from the Preamble of our Constitution. …



IMG_1021 (2)2) Borrowed Name by Nathan Ozey

My name is a borrowed name a name not about myself but a name to recreate myself My name at birth is not my inner-self the inner-desire to be free like a bird   My name is a borrowed name a gift by a very dear friend a name to help escape from my reality   My name is a borrowed name a name of a child with so much love a name so closed to the heart of his mother -a name painted on her skin is not enough to show her love for her child -pins and needles stuck to her skin not enough to show her sorrows and pains   My name is a borrowed name a name I took to be reminded by the mother of a child with so much love the mother of a child whom I am inspired by and adore   My name is a …


Dennis Barbion, from the Flemish Circle..

Dennis Barbion, from the Flemish Circle..



The Belgian association Tibetan Flemish Circle of Friends is based in the Dutch (Flemish) part of Belgium and was founded in March 2007. The group works for Tibet in different kind of ways: on social, cultural and educational level. Since the beginning of 2012 there is a new board of this organisation. Dennis Barbion is the new President and his wife Marijke Reynaert is the Secretary.  In the past they have set up shoe projects for the Tibetans in Dharamsala. Recently, from the 3rd till the 12th July, Dennis Barbion has visited the Tibetan settlement in Mainpat, for the water filter project that was organised there. The association was able to buy 114 water filters for Mainpat in total. This settlement consists of 7 different camps, and all the families in the camps … 




318715_401618389885958_1702138571_n4)Justice for India’s Woman Journalist from Arunachal Pradesh by Karry Padu 

I am outraged that attacks on journalists are on the rise. I call on all concerned to prevent and prosecute such violence. Defenders of a free press are safeguarding our rights and we must, in turn, ensure theirs. -Ban Ki Moon,on World Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2012   The incident of shooting at a women journalist in Itanagar , the capital city of India’s North Eastern State of  Arunachal Pradesh has recieved massive condemnation. People are out on streets, demanding justice for the scribe and large segment of Arunachal’s media fraternity has taken to the streets apparently, Arunachal Pradesh is also one of the most peaceful state in India.     Ms Tongam Rina the associate editor of Arunachal Times was shot outside her office on 15 th July 2012 evening around 5 pm as she was … 




5) Latency by Kay Salady



angola6)Tragedy of War by Rui Santos

Angola is a country that had been littered by war from the colonial war of liberation in 1961 to the death of Jonas Savimbi in 2002. Non stop war involving a host of nations, Portugal , Cuba , South Africa brought this country to the verge of poverty. This is tragic but it is history and I am not an historian.  Soon after the end of the Angolan civil war an opportunity for trade in the war ravaged areas and the profits lured in every trader, smuggler , diamond dealer , bon vivant that the continent could muster and like cowboys set to conquer the wild west they converged on little towns and cities that had been occupied and re occupied by various armies during the long years of war. The caravan …



mel7) Where Do I Belong? by Mel Om

Where do I belong? I have always wondered where my ancestors are from. My grandpa hails from China while my grandma is of Chinese and Portuguese origin from Macao. Back in the 1900s in Macao, Eurasian were known as lower class because the Portuguese colonization left many Chinese women pregnant with their kids whilst they left for the good to Portugal to reunite with their first wives and family. So whenever I asked about my grandma’s identity, was an embarrassing question which from my dad’s generation until mine, was not allowed. Then From my maternal side, my Grandmother is of Chinese origin and grandpa was an orphan. As we have seen in many sad movies where an unwanted child is placed in a basket and then threw into the river … 

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