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TheArachneed » VOLUME 2 – ISSUE 7


166028_4119823837372_784001162_n1) UNITED WITH A DIFFERENCE by  Maja Šipek

‘UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future’: the official mission statement of the UWC movement, founded in 1962. It is a web of 12 colleges situated across the globe, united by the common aim to bring together people from different countries and cultures, each with a diverse background, to study and live together for the last two years of high school, as well as to learn from each other in order to inspire them to help create a better future. Perhaps a little idealistic, UWC’s aim at least gives students enough motivation to believe that collectively, change is possible. I was given a chance to study at one of these colleges, UWC of the Adriatic. It is situated in Italy, in 


Chime-and-TSS-International2) TIBETAN SOCIAL SERVICE: FOR TIBETANS BY TIBETANS by Dennis Barbion 

Mr. Chime Youngdung, currently Director of Tibetan Social Service (TSS) with its main office in Dharamsala (India), has started his European tour with a 5-day visit to Belgium. Mr. Youngdung is the former President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet. He arrived to Europe with the aim to raise further awareness about Tibet and the Tibetan cause and to introduce his new initiative, the non-profit organization Tibetan Social Service to the European friends of Tibet. As a successful political campaigner for his community and a knowledgeable promoter of freedom and of empowerment for Tibetans, he was warmly welcomed by many friends, political representatives as well as the local people in Belgium. Arriving to Brussels airport on the morning of November 17th, Mr. Youngdung was greeted by International Board Members of …



Friday evening 30th November 2012, the Tibetan Cultural Center in Belgium (TCC) celebrated their 4th anniversary. At the same time, they remembered when His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Every year, Tibetans around the world officially celebrate this day and they tend to include it in already existing festivities.About 100 people participated in this event, also representatives of different Tibet groups in Belgium and Tibet supporters from different countries. The TCC was founded in 2008 and became a registered organisation in 2011. The aim is the preservation of the rich Tibetan culture in all his aspects, for example by teaching the Tibetan children born and living in Belgium about their language and culture. The TCC has established Tibetan schools in 3 cities: Brussels, Antwerp and Ostend. The … 



Riccardo Gramegna

Riccardo Gramegna


4) Riccardo Grameggna on The Arachneed 

To all the friends of the Arachneed, Namascar… My name is Riccardo Gramegna, I am from Valsesia, a European Community, and I am glad to be with you on this day to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day. It is a special day for all who have something to say and want to reaffirm the right to freely express and share their thoughts and ideas as we all do on the Arachneed and on the free blogs and other online magazines on the web. The time when political and economic powers were able to stop, gag and condition the free voices on the media is over. Their power is crumbling under the heavy weight of the scandals of their corrupt behaviours… So, feel free to write, feel free to say, feel free to share …



DSC084765) First Lhakar in Belgium organised by the Tibetan Cultural Center in Belgium by Dennis Barbion

Lhakar (White Wednesday) is a home grown non-cooperation movement that has been spreading across Tibet since late 2008. Tibetans take concrete actions to promote Tibetan identity such as wearing traditional Tibetan clothing, to speak Tibetan only and go to the temple on Wednesday, and to buy only from Tibetan shops and restaurants. Wednesday is an auspicious day for the Tibetan people because it’s  His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s soul day. Since April 2011, Tibetans in Nangchen (Kham, Eastern Tibet) have been boycotting Chinese-owned vegetable stores. On the Dalai Lama’s birthday 6th July 2011, the boycott has spread to three other Tibetan cities resulting in several Chinese shops shutting down and Tibetan shops opening up. Restaurants in Dzoege (Amdo, Eastern Tibet) refuse to serve Tibetans who ask for dishes in Chinese. In Lhasa (U-Tsang, Central …



image courtesy- Dennis Barbion, Belgium.

image courtesy- Dennis Barbion, Belgium.

6) Buddhist Prayer Session for Tibet on 16th December 2012 in Brugge (Belgium) by Dennis Barbion

Sunday 16th December 2012 we are organizing a prayer session for the Tibetan people, from 14-00-17.00 hours at the Local Service Center ‘t Reitje, Annuntiatenstraat 34, 8000 Brugge. This prayer session is being organised by Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring and the Tibetan community, in cooperation with Dienstencentrum ‘t Reitje in Brugge.During the prayer session, all the victims will be commemorated.We invite everyone to take part, to show your solidarity with the Tibetan people. You can bring along a meditation cushion and some t-lights. As usual, there will also be a tea break again. If you come by public transport, you can take bus no. 4 or 14 at the railway station in Brugge. It’s about 10 minutes to the stop Snaggaardbrug. The Annuntiatenstraat is a little bit further on your left. Thanks for your participation. The board of Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring. v.z.w. Tibetaanse-Vlaamse Vriendenkring Contact: …




image courtesy- Francisco X.Alarcon

image courtesy- Francisco X.Alarcon

7) FLOWER SUN by Francisco X. Alarcon 

New Collective 2012 Winter Solstice Poem The following poem comes from a new Collective 2012 Winter Solstice Poem (Haiga) that sought contributions by poets and artists from all over the globe. We all are truly one. We all share the same dreams and aspirations of world peace, tolerance, and understanding with the whole humanity in balance with nature especially during the celebration of the new era (the Sixth Sun) in the Mesoamerican tradition that begins on the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2012) that in the Nahuatl calendar corresponds to the date “Four-Flower” (Nahui-Xochitl). In the Nahuatl tradition this new era is identified as the “Flower Sun” (Xochitonatiuh). We give thanks in advance to all who are wiling participate in making this human wonder something tangible and real. FLOR SOL         … 

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