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Happy 67th INDIAN Independence Day

Happy 67th INDIAN Independence Day

1) 10 Point Similarities between Indian and Tibetan Freedom Movement By Tenzin Lekshay 

Yesterday, 67th Indian independence day was observed in all over India as well as in abroad. As a Tibetan, I would like to wish and congratulate this great nation for their triumph in cherishing freedom from the clutches of Great Britain. It is on this joyous moment that makes worth of all the bloods and sweats of thousands of Indian freedom fighters. I salute them for their unwavering courage, determination, and the dream of swaraj that makes them immortal in the historical chapter of Indian freedom movement. At this present moment, we, Tibetans are living in such traumatic era of foreign invasion, which resembles that of India during the British rule. Over the last six decades, thousands of Tibetans sacrificed their lives for the noble cause of attaining the sacred …




mandala2) ‘..Rajarishi..’ by Kay Salady 

A princely sage looked down on me And whispered his philosophy With sparkling eyes, so caring and true His words of wisdom pierced right through This rebellious mind of mine That isn’t quite as good and kind As I’d aspired myself to be He saw beyond my dignity To the heart and soul of me He pointed toward the common good The selfless act of brotherhood He sang a song – the sound of peace The breath of God that brings release That welcomes all earth’s children home As we, together, whisper, “OM” Kay Salady is a writer based in Arizona, USA. She is read internationally having published works in India. She is also the author of “A Teardrop Fell” and a member of Member, World Poet’s Society, World Congress of Poets,World Poets Laureate International, World … 



poem-for-the-stars3) Poetry of the Shahrokh Sharifrazi

I gaze at the night sky, Full of joy – and cry, For I long to fly Up to the stars that sparkle in the sky.   What adventure awaits me; What peace and tranquility it must be, To transcend to that level And unfeignedly be able to revel.   Engaging with the stars – I will, Until I make myself ill; There is no right or wrong about them; They simply exist for us to marvel at them;   They light up the darkly sky, Revealing heavenly wonders to the eye. Truly I say unto thee: Join in with me at gazing at the wondrous sky And stand, rapt in awe With your head held-up high.   Let’s attempt to fly Amongst the treasures of the sky; Let’s be mesmerized by the constellation And reconsider our situation.   Leave all your worries behind And let’s instead make ourselves blind To this superficial reality That has plagued our mentality.   Join me … 



Mia Miata

Mia Miata

4)Black Love vs. the Ego: Part II Mama Said “Knock You Out”

With the recent murders in the city of Baltimore, I wanted to remind us of our greatness and what we represent globally and universally. This article is dedicated to D’shaun Jones , a 15 year old brilliant star who shot down in the violent streets of Baltimore. As the Raven start their season to defend their championship, I give you this offering.    The Black Man is the most powerful man in the entire Universe. He is the most talented of all men on Earth, the most athletically gifted of all men, the most brilliant, posseses the brute strength of 10 men but is the most sexually promiscuous and the most arrogant of all of the Great Mother’s Suns. The EGO or Edging God Out throughout all of his-story has been his …





‘…..The policy of western countries, which seek to diversify energy sources in order to secure supply and avoid over-reliance on any one country, includes not only control over the transportation route. The part of this security is stability of transit countries. That is why organisations such as the EU and NATO consequently have a keen self-interest in the Caucasus. Their role in Georgia is expected to grow at least until the importance of the Caspian hydrocarbons is growing….’



‘….TWA is a historic association run by Tibetan women from all three provinces to struggle against Chinese oppression, take equal responsibility to preserve her unique culture and to maintain a high-quality of social and political activism. It was initially founded on 12th March 1959 when Tibetan women led an uprising to revolt against China’s brutal occupation of Tibet, killing almost a million Tibetans and destroyed thousands of monasteries…..’





7) ‘Machiavellian’, rather than ‘Gandhian’..’- By Shahrokh Sharifrazi

‘….And with the development of ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and the ‘nuclear arms race’, there are some very dangerous individuals in power, quite paranoid, and with their fingers on the button, ready to release those nukes and send everyone to oblivion; these dangerous leaders are corrupt and power hungry. They have no interest in peace: their business is ‘war’ – and all the profits that flow from it….’




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