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Author Guidelines

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The Arachneed Journal (ISSN 2322-0201) is an international, inter-disciplinary Journal that promotes academic, journalistic and artistic endeavors in a scholarly attire. 

We strongly encourage young and emerging scholars along-with Activists, Independent Researchers, Journalists and Artists to contribute to the Journal.

Thus scholars, activists, professionals engaged in diverse streams of humanities and social sciences and allied arts are strongly encouraged to submit their works for review. For more information on the Journal please contact Arnav Anjaria, Editor in Chief, The Arachneed Journal,

As far communications with regards to the Ongoing issue and the review process and author guidelines, one is strongly advised to kindly email Anait Akopyan, Communications Analyst, The Arachneed Journal,  


Author Guidelines


1) All manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form in word to the above mentioned email address.


2) All Manuscripts should be accompanied by an abstract  of around 200-250 words.


3) All articles should also be accompanied by a list of Keywords.


4) Please use end-notes instead of footnotes.


5) The Arachneed Journal has a Zero Tolerance policy on Plagiarism and thus authors are requested to conduct a prior plagiarism check of their manuscript before submitting to us. Though the review process also involves checking plagiarism as the first step.

6) Please ensure that the usage of any images, maps, charts, diagrams or any visual in your manuscript does not violate the copyright of the concerned owner. Thus every images, map, chart, diagrams or any visual in the manuscript should carry a clarification on the same.

For more information on the Journal please contact  Arnav Anjaria, Editor in Chief, The Arachneed Journal,

As far communications with regards to the Ongoing issue and the review process and author guidelines, one is strongly advised to kindly email Anait Akopyan, Communications Analyst, The Arachneed Journal,

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