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TheArachneed » VOLUME 3 – ISSUE 6


title1) The Case For Mathematics..

GH Hardy,the British mathematician, once wrote: “A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ideas.” However, many will rebuke this statement. GH Hardy, at the time of writing this, had no clear understanding of abstract art; his world revolved around mathematics and Trinity College Cambridge. Abstact art gained prominence in the 1940s – just the time he started writing his famous book, “A Mathematician’s Apology.” Jackson Pollock, the famous abstract artist, wrote: “When I say artist, I mean the man who is building things – creating, molding the earth – whether it be the plains of the west – or The Iron Ore of Penn (Pennsylvania). It’s all a big game of construction Read More


32) Can Uganda Withdraw from the International Criminal Court?

The work of the institution of the International Criminal Court, popularly referred to as ICC has of recent attracted varying criticism from around the world. This criticism is probably more pronounced on the Africa continent than anywhere despite the fact that the continent has the highest number of countries which have ratified the Rome Statute. Many African countries have called for the unilateral withdrawal from the ICC and deferral of key cases against serving African Heads of State and Government and there is a lot of lobbying towards this objective. Uganda is one of the countries that have sharply criticized the ICC. What is Uganda’s relationship with the ICC? Can Uganda withdrawal from the ICC? What implications will the withdrawal have on Uganda’s criminal justice system and how will it Read More


Recording Studio  (

Recording Studio



Radio Študent (meaning: student) is an independent local radio station, situated in the town of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Though maybe widely unknown in the rest of the world, Radio Študent is well- known amongst the independent and alternative European radio stations for it is one of the oldest and largest student, community and independent radio station in Europe and a unique media, cultural, educational and research institution in Slovenia and beyond. Founded in the 1968 as a result of a powerful student movement, it has established itself as an alternative and progressive media platform from its very first three hours of test programming that were broadcast from the student dormitories in Ljubljana on the 9th of May in 1969. Ever since that time, Radio Študent has played an important part in the Slovenian media space as well as in Slovenian history, … Read More



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