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The Arachneed-‘Poetry’

The Arachneed Poetry provides a platform for verses whose rhythm speaks of the world around and of everything that forms a part of the verse and words and the poem..a place for all..poetry afterall knows no bounds and so does The Arachneed.

Featuring Latency by poetess Kay Salady..meaning is constructed and so make your own meaning of this...LATENCY

Touch A Tear- Kay Salady

Touch a tear that trickles with a lonely fingertip

Taste the salt upon your tongue with parted honey lip

Walk a dusty trail my love as thought returns to me

If you should tire a spring awaits beneath the banyan tree

You’ll hear the music of my voice whisper in its leaves


 This Young Child-by-Kay Salady

“This young child with eyes of wonder

Lives in a world that’s torn asunder

By the disregard and greed of man

Yet she is safe within her clan..Read More





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