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Editorial- Marching On!

As this is being written, India has just been witness to five crucial elections. There have been some losers and some who have ended up winning the trust of the electorate. Losses and victories are a part of life but what matters is thee process that guides this race for ending on the podium..the podium of democracy. Sixty two years and India marches on as the worlds largest democracy where things move on despite its own set of problems..problems reflecting the grim reality of being one of the most populous nation where resource constraint is omnipresent all the time..all reiterate- Omnipresent. So The Arachneed too celebrates this idea of democracy that India’s electorate recently celebrated. We at The Arachneed move with the belief to Opine and to Opine even if it means just for the sake of it. We are no here with the ambition to bring to you the Breaking News of the World or People Breaking Up but probably The Arachneed is here to publish submissions that advocate or speak of Mending Up..Repairing the wounds that hurt.

This issue comes to a close with Nathan Ozey’s Wisdom..Nathan hails from a very beautiful region in South East Asia called Sabah in Malaysia which we believe is where wisdom would be around but he continues to look for it like many of us..even though the stride may take us to the penultimate juncture in our lives. But then man’s greed is aggrandized at the cost of another man’s life..and thus the conference report or the Press release from Belgium on the Chinese nuclear plant in Uyghur dominated areas in China. The struggle of the Uyghur people has been seen in tandem with the Tibetan people, and the conference reflects how gory Chinese intervention has been into the lives of the ethnic minorities in China. I remember meeting Dr. Lobsang Sangay, and at that point of time he had asserted that China wants to be recognized as a soft power in order to gain respect of the international community and its soft power status would be put to a test by how it treats its minorities. Well the nuclear disaster that China is seeking to imbibe upon will do no good to its zeal for acquiring that status it aspires for. We are indeed thankful to Dennis Barbion for all the help that he has extended over time and we hope to hear from him more often.

Before hand itself a wave nostalgia surrounded The Arachneed and so we had the Untitled Lament by yours sincerely :). But only after some detailed reports on our Arachneed Tibet page on the wave of protests that gripped various places in the EU, UK and India in support of the self immolations in Tibet. Jamphel Lhamo, our Editor for the Tibet page was there in London to see it all happen and to show solidarity with her brethren inside Tibet. Dennis Barbion led the protests in Belgium and we are honored to publish, to bring to the people the reports of what happened THAT DAY.

Shahrokh Sharifrazy as always was around to display his mathemagic. But this time Shahrokh was at his best, critiquing the blatant consumerism that has fancied the imagination of..well quantifying it would be like a tryst with infinity..but Shahrokh’s views reflect the growing cynicism towards an economic order that has been shaping itself into a perilous web of misery. Shahrokh has a solution but The Arachneed shall stray away from endorsing his stand though we welcome his views and the need to opine. While Shahrokh offers a critique of the Western society Anne Meijers article titled as “Compassion” also stands by Shahrokh’s argument that eastern philosophies are starting to gain ground in the western world. Why? Ae are not sure, but “how?” yes we have an answer rather there can be many answers and one of them, in literal sense in the spread of Mahayana Buddhism in the West. Richard Gere is not only white Buddhist but there are many who are embracing this faith..some who have never been to east but maybe this may just be an infatuation..realized though faith. Yet Anne’s views talk about personal conduct that would make us better people. And The Arachneed stands by the idea of betterment.

Mia Miata’s was here again.this time opining on India and her India connection. The popular internet show host was at her best describing how she feels for India and why she feels for the same.

So it has been a busy issue with its own moments of- as always- joy, despair and agony. Am thankful to Lyliana Chiew and Jamphel Lhamo for being around when they were needed the most. Our conferences on Skype were mostly about how we needed to rejuvenate ourselves and most times we talked little about The Arachneed because that was something that happened when the moments made their mark.

Signing Off with the Promise of another relishing issue.

Arnav Anjaria


The Arachneed.

December 2011- Editorial

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