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TheArachneed » World Press Freedom Day!

World Press Freedom Day!

“Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights. It underpins every other freedom and provides a foundation for human dignity. Free, pluralistic and independent media is essential for its exercise.”-UN-Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

This is Arachneed’s special commemoration of The World Press Freedom Day. We believe we exist because there are those who have strived and continue to struggle for the right to opine and to differ and dissent. We at The Arachneed truly cherish the idea of Freedom though not in the rhetorical sense but in the pragmatic sense. I would like to thank all of our readers, authors and team members, especially Lyliana Chiew, Jamphel Lhamo for their constant support and dedication. We as a team shall continue to work towards the betterment of the publication and shall never seek to compromise on the idea of freedom and integrity.

In Solidarity,

Arnav Anjaria

Editor in Chief, The Arachneed.



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Riccardo Gramegna

Riccardo Grameggna is a renowned life coach based in Italy. He is deeply influenced by Gandhian ideals and regularly lectures on how Gandhi and Vinoba’s ideals can help people in the contemporaneous era. he shares his message on The Arachneed on World Press Freedom Day 2012.

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